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    This data model represents an images comment.


id integer

    The ID for the comment

image_id string

    The ID of the image that the comment is for

comment string

    The comment itself.

author string

    Username of the author of the comment

author_id integer

    The account ID for the author

on_album boolean

    If this comment was done to an album

album_cover string

    The ID of the album cover image, this is what should be displayed for album comments

ups integer

    Number of upvotes for the comment

downs integer

    The number of downvotes for the comment

points float

    the number of upvotes - downvotes

datetime integer

    Timestamp of creation, epoch time

parent_id integer

    If this is a reply, this will be the value of the comment_id for the caption this a reply for.

deleted boolean

    Marked true if this caption has been deleted

vote string

    The current user's vote on the comment. null if not signed in or if the user hasn't voted on it.

children Array of comments

    All of the replies for this comment. If there are no replies to the comment then this is an empty set.


   "success" : true,
   "data" : {
      "parent_id" : null,
      "image_id" : "K84kO",
      "points" : 5,
      "downs" : 0,
      "album_cover" : null,
      "author_id" : 384077,
      "deleted" : true,
      "id" : 1110,
      "ups" : 5,
      "caption" : "This is a Test Caption sent via the API!",
      "datetime" : 1346977487,
      "on_album" : false,
      "author" : "joshTest"
   "status" : 200



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