Moritz Sinn


HTML::FormEngine::DBSQL::DtHandler - DBMS datatype handlers


To every handler is given:

  • the object reference

  • a reference to the fields form configuration hash

  • a reference to a hash which contains information about the column, the information is extracted with the help of DBIs column_info method, read the documentation of DBI for more information.

The handler then modifies the fields configuration hash and can use information out of the column information hash (which he mustn't modify!).

Which handler is called for which datatype is configured by the skin. The default skin is HTML::FormEngine::DBSQL::SkinClassic.



Sets templ to text and tries to determine the maximal length which is then assigned to MAXLEN. When MAXLEN is lower than the default size, SIZE is set to MAXLEN.


templ is set to select, Yes or No is given as options which is internally represented as 1 and 0.


templ is set to text, SIZE and MAXLEN to 10 because a valid date value won't need more.


templ is set to textarea.


ERROR is set to digitonly.