Catalyst::Manual - User guide and reference for Catalyst


This is the (table of contents page of the) comprehensive user guide and reference for Catalyst.


If you need to read the Catalyst Manual make sure that you have Catalyst::Manual installed from cpan. To check that it is installed run the following command from a unix (bash) prompt:

 $ perldoc -t Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::CatalystBasics 2>&1 >/dev/null && echo OK || echo MISSING

If you see "OK" as the output, it's there, if you see "MISSING" you need to install the Catalyst::Manual distribution.

  • Catalyst::Manual::About

    Explanation (without code) of what Catalyst is and why to use it.

  • Catalyst::Manual::Intro

    Introduction to Catalyst. This is a detailed, if unsystematic, look at the basic concepts of Catalyst and what the best practices are for writing applications with it.

  • Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial

    A detailed step-by-step tutorial going through a single application thoroughly.

  • Catalyst::Manual::Plugins

    Catalyst Plugins and Components. A brief look at some of the very many modules for extending Catalyst.

  • Catalyst::Manual::Cookbook

    Cooking with Catalyst. Recipes and solutions that you might want to use in your code.

  • Catalyst::Manual::Installation

    How to install Catalyst, in a variety of different ways. A closer look at one of the more difficult issues of using the framework--getting it.

  • Catalyst::Manual::WritingPlugins

    Writing plugins for Catalyst; the use of NEXT.

  • Catalyst::Manual::Internals

    Here be dragons! A very brief explanation of the Catalyst request cycle, the major components of Catalyst, and how you can use this knowledge when writing applications under Catalyst.



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This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.