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Mike Schilli


Log::Log4perl::Appender::File - Log to file


    use Log::Log4perl::Appender::File;

    my $app = Log::Log4perl::Appender::File->new(
      filename  => 'file.log',
      mode      => 'append',
      autoflush => 1,

    $file->log(message => "Log me\n");


This is a simple appender for writing to a file.

The constructor new() opens a file, specified in filename, for writing. If mode is append, it will append to the file if it exists, if it is pipe the file will be understood as executable to pipe output to. On other settings of mode it will clobber any existing file first and then start writing to it. The default mode is append.

autoflush, if set to a true value, triggers flushing the data out to the file on every call to log().

The log() method takes a single scalar. If a newline character should terminate the message, it has to be added explicitely.

Upon destruction of the object, the filehandle to access the file is flushed and closed.

If you want to switch over to a different logfile, use the switch_file($newfile) method which will first close the old file handle and then open a one to the new file specified.

Design and implementation of this module has been greatly inspired by Dave Rolsky's Log::Dispatch appender framework.


Mike Schilli <log4perl@perlmeister.com>, 2003