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  # in MyApp.pm

  use Catalyst qw( Log::Log4perlSimple );

  # in myapp.conf

  # note that this configuration is entirely optional. The block below is
  # indicating the default values for everything, so if they look okay to you,
  # just omit the configuration entirely.

  <Plugin Log::Log4perlSimple>

      # Set this to 0 or 1 to indicate if you would like Catalyst debugging output.
      catalyst_debug 0

      # Set this to 0 or 1 to indicate if you would like Catalyst statistics output.
      catalyst_stats 0

      # What is the lowest level of debugging information you would like output
      # by by Log4perl (trace, debug, info, or warn)
      log_level debug

      # Boolean to control if we want to log to screen
      screen 1

      # Optional control specifying a filename to write log data to (comment this
      # out to disable writing to a file)
      #file /path/to/somefile.log



Provides a zero configuration alternative to Catalyst::Log.

Instantly gives you coloured terminal output and timestamps on your development server.

Provides a trivial mechanism for routing log messages to a file (configurable via your application's config file).


Martyn Smith <martyn@dollyfish.net.nz>



Implementation of the setup callback for Catalyst plugins. This is used to setup up the logging object.