Martin 'Kingpin' Thurn
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RDF::AllegroGraph::Server4 - AllegroGraph server handle for v4 AG servers




@cats = $server->catalogs

This method lists the catalogs available on the remote server. The result is a list of relative paths.


This method returns a handle to a named catalog. If it already exists on the server, the handle is simply returned. Otherwise - if the mode is set to O_CREAT - a new catalog will be created. Otherwise an exception is raised.


%models = $server->models

This method lists all models available on the server. Returned is a hash reference. The keys are the model identifiers, all of the form /somecatalog/somerepository. The values are repository objects.


$server->model ($mod_id, option1 => value1, ...)

This method tries to find an repository in a certain catalog. This model id is always of the form /somecatalog/somerepository. The following options are understood:

MODE (default: O_RDONLY)

This POSIX file mode determines how the model will be opened.

If the model already does exist, then an RDF::AllegroGraph::Repository object will be returned. If the specified catalog does not exist, then a no catalog exception will be raised. Otherwise, if the repository there does not exist and the MODE option is O_CREAT, then it will be generated. Otherwise an exception cannot open repository will be raised.

reconfigure (since v0.06)

This method triggers the server to reconsult the configuration. As it is only available to the super user, lesser accounts will fail at that.

reopen_log (since v0.06)

This method triggers the server to reopen the logfile (say for logfile rotation). As it is only available to the super user, lesser accounts will fail at that.

NOTE: Since you will not be able to move the log file via this API, this is a somewhat strange function.


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RDF::AllegroGraph, RDF::AllegroGraph::Repository4