Murat Ünalan
and 1 contributors


publish - aline publishing utility


publish [options] [file ...]


   -help            brief help message
   -man             full documentation

   -command=s@          a list of commands
   -file                        textfile with filenames
   -glob                        glob expression
   -dir                         define other than current dir (for globbing)



Print a brief help message and exits.


Prints the manual page and exits.


a list of shell commands


on every line in this file


on every item from this glob


define other than current dir (for globbing only)


This program will read the given input file(s) and do something useful with the contents thereof.


- 'ls -la' on all perlscript files in the perlbin directory

        do -g *.pod -d perlbin

- print all pod documentation (in the perlbin directory)

        do -c perldoc -g *.pod -d perlbin

- cat all perlscript

        do -c cat -g *.pl

- gunzip all .gz files

        do -c gunzip -g *.gz

- untar all tarfiles and then remove the archives

        do -c "tar xvf" -c "rm" -g *.tar

  ! warning: vice versa in the commands order would be fatal !