Datahub::Factory::Command::transport - Transport data in bulk to a enterprise search engine.


This command allows datamanagers to (a) fetch data from a local source (b) upload the data to a search enterprise instance as a bulk file.



Location of the pipeline configuration file.

Pipeline configuration file

The pipeline configuration file is in the INI format and its location is provided to the application using the --pipeline switch.

The file is broadly divided in two parts: the first (shortest) part configures the pipeline itself and sets the plugin to use for the index action. The second part sets options specific for the used plugin.

Pipeline configuration

This part has one section: [Indexer]. This section has just one option: plugin. Set this to the plugin you want to use for this action.

All current supported plugins are in the Indexer folder.

Plugin configuration

    plugin = Solr

    request_handler = http://path_to_solr_data_import_handler
    file_name = /tmp/upload.json

All plugins have their own configuration options in sections called [plugin_type_name] where type is indexer and name is the name of the plugin.

All plugins define their own options as parameters to the respective plugin. All possible parameters are valid items in the configuration section.

If a plugin requires no options, you still need to create the (empty) configuration section (e.g. [plugin_indexer_name] in the above example).


Matthias Vandermaesen <>


Copyright 2016 - PACKED vzw, Vlaamse Kunstcollectie vzw


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPLv3.