Geo::Coder::Free::MaxMind - Provides a geocoding functionality using the MaxMind and GeoNames databases


Version 0.28


    use Geo::Coder::Free::MaxMind;

    my $geocoder = Geo::Coder::Free::MaxMind->new();
    my $location = $geocoder->geocode(location => 'Ramsgate, Kent, UK');


Geo::Coder::Free::MaxMind provides an interface to free databases.

Refer to the source URL for licencing information for these files: cities.csv is from; admin1.db is from; admin2.db is from;

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To significantly speed this up, gunzip cities.csv and run it through the db2sql script to create an SQLite file.



    $geocoder = Geo::Coder::Free::MaxMind->new();

Takes one optional parameter, directory, which tells the library where to find the files admin1db, admin2.db and cities.[sql|csv.gz]. If that parameter isn't given, the module will attempt to find the databases, but that can't be guaranteed


    $location = $geocoder->geocode(location => $location);

    print 'Latitude: ', $location->lat(), "\n";
    print 'Longitude: ', $location->long(), "\n";

    # TODO:
    # @locations = $geocoder->geocode('Portland, USA');
    # diag 'There are Portlands in ', join (', ', map { $_->{'state'} } @locations);

    # This will return one place in New Brunwsick, not them all
    # TODO: Arguably it should get them all from the database (or at least say the first 100) and return the central location
    my @locations = $geocoder->geocode({ location => 'New Brunswick, Canada' });
    die if(scalar(@locations) != 1);


    $location = $geocoder->reverse_geocode(latlng => '37.778907,-122.39732');

Returns a string, or undef if it can't be found.


Does nothing, here for compatibility with other geocoders


Nigel Horne, <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Lots of lookups fail at the moment.

The MaxMind data only contains cities.

Can't parse and handle "London, England".

The database contains Canadian cities, but not provinces, so a search for "New Brunswick, Canada" won't work

The GeoNames admin databases are in this class, they should be in Geo::Coder::GeoNames.

The data at are 7 years out of date, and are unconsistent with the Geonames database.

If you search for something like "Sheppy, Kent, England" in list context, it returns them all. That's a lot! It should limit to, say 10 results (that number should be tunable, and be a LIMIT in, and as the correct spelling in Sheppey, arguably it should return nothing.


VWF, MaxMind and geonames.


Copyright 2017-2020 Nigel Horne.

The program code is released under the following licence: GPL for personal use on a single computer. All other users (including Commercial, Charity, Educational, Government) must apply in writing for a licence for use from Nigel Horne at `<njh at>`.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from (Note that this currently gives a 403 error - I need to find the latest URL).