IO::WithHeader::YAML - read/write YAML header and body in one file


    use IO::WithHeader::YAML;
    $io = IO::WithHeader::YAML->new($path_or_filehandle);
    $io = IO::WithHeader::YAML->new(\%header);
    $io = IO::WithHeader::YAML->new(
        'path'   => '/path/to/a/file/which/might/not/exist/yet',
        'handle' => $fh,
        'header' => { 'title' => $title, 'author' => $author, ... },
        'body'   => $scalar_or_filehandle_to_copy_from,
    $io->open($path, '>') or die;  # Open the body
    print $io "Something to put in the file's body\n";
    $path = $io->path;
    $io->open or die;
    while (<$io>) { ... }
    %header = %{ $io->header };
    $body = $io->body;  # Read the entire body
    $io->body($body);   # Write the entire body


IO::WithHeader::YAML reads and writes files containing a header in YAML form. The header may be changed without changing the body, and the body may be read from or writen to without disturbing the header.

The file (or filehandle) must begin with the YAML representation of a hash, followed by the YAML end-of-stream marker `...'. The rest of the file or stream can be anything at all. Here's a simple example:

    --- #YAML:1.0
    title: Testing 1, 2, 3
    author: nkuitse
    date: 2004-03-05
    This is a test.  This is only a test.
    That's all I have to say at this time.

(Here, ^D indicates the end of the file.)

In this next example, the file's body is empty, as is its header:

    --- #YAML:1.0 {}

For more information, see the documentation for the superclass, IO::WithHeader.


None that I know of.


IO::WithHeader, IO::WithHeader::RFC822, YAML


Paul Hoffman (nkuitse AT cpan DOT org)


Copyright 2004 Paul M. Hoffman.

This is free software, and is made available under the same terms as Perl itself.