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buildext.pl - build extensions


    buildext.pl make [-make_opts] dep directory [target] [--static|--dynamic] !ext1 !ext2


    buildext.pl nmake -nologo perldll.def ..\ext

    buildext.pl nmake -nologo perldll.def ..\ext clean

    buildext.pl dmake perldll.def ..\ext

    buildext.pl dmake perldll.def ..\ext clean

Will skip building extensions which are marked with an '!' char. Mostly because they still not ported to specified platform.

If '--static' specified, only static extensions will be built. If '--dynamic' specified, only dynamic extensions will be built.

--create-perllibst-h creates perllibst.h file for inclusion from perllib.c --list-static-libs: prints libraries for static linking and exits