Collect ARP entries from Checkpoint GAIA embedded Systems To get this Plugin to work you have to add an User like 'netdisco' with 'Network admin' right in the GAIA embedded OS

This collector uses "arp" as the command for the arp utility on your system. If you wish to specify an absolute path, then add an arp_command item to your configuration:

   - ip: ''
     user: netdisco
     password: letmein
     platform: GAIAEmbedded
     arp_command: 'arp'


arpnip($host, $ssh)

Retrieve ARP entries from device. $host is the hostname or IP address of the device. $ssh is a Net::OpenSSH connection to the device.

Returns a list of hashrefs in the format { mac = MACADDR, ip => IPADDR }>.

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