An attempt to make a meaningful written statement about the job.


Find the best status and log it into the job's status and log slots.

The process is to track back from the last worker and find the best status, which is done in early or main phases, or else any status in any non-user phase.


Returns true if at least one worker during the check phase flagged status done.

namespace_passed( \%workerconf )

Returns true when, for the namespace specified in the given configuration, a worker of a higher priority level has already succeeded.

enter_phase( $phase )

Pass the name of the phase being entered.


Passed an App::Netdisco::Worker::Status will add it to this job's internal status cache. Phase slot of the Status will be set to the current phase.


Columns which exist in this class but are not in App::Netdisco::DB::Result::Admin class.


Alias for the job column.


Alias for the subaction column.


Action command from the user can be an action name or the action name plus one child namespace in the form: "action::child". This slot stores the child component of the command so that action is backwards compatible with Netdisco.


When selecting jobs from the database, some types of job are higher priority - usually those submitted in the web interface by a user, and those making changes (writing to) the device. This slot stores a number which is the priority of the job and is used by MCE when managing its job queue.