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SNMP::Info::Layer2::HP4000 - SNMP Interface to older HP ProCurve Switches (1600, 2400, 2424M, 4000 and 8000)


Max Baker


 # Let SNMP::Info determine the correct subclass for you. 
 my $hp = new SNMP::Info(
                          AutoSpecify => 1,
                          Debug       => 1,
                          DestHost    => 'myswitch',
                          Community   => 'public',
                          Version     => 2
    or die "Can't connect to DestHost.\n";

 my $class      = $hp->class();
 print "SNMP::Info determined this device to fall under subclass : $class\n";


Provides abstraction to the configuration information obtainable from a HP ProCurve Switch via SNMP.

Note: Some HP Switches will connect via SNMP version 1, but a lot of config data will not be available. Make sure you try and connect with Version 2 first, and then fail back to version 1.

For speed or debugging purposes you can call the subclass directly, but not after determining a more specific class using the method above.

 my $hp = new SNMP::Info::Layer2::HP4000(...);

Inherited Classes


Required MIBs


Included in V2 mibs from Cisco


(this MIB new with SNMP::Info 0.8)


The last five MIBs listed are from HP and can be found at http://www.hp.com/rnd/software or http://www.hp.com/rnd/software/MIBs.htm

Change Log

Version 0.4 - Removed ENTITY-MIB e_*() methods to separate sub-class - SNMP::Info::Entity


These are methods that return scalar value from SNMP


Returns CPU Utilization in percentage.


Returns all the log entries from the switch's log that are not Link up or down messages.


Returns bytes of free memory


Return bytes of total memory


Returns bytes of used memory


Returns the model number of the HP Switch. Will translate between the HP Part number and the common model number with this map :

 %MODEL_MAP = ( 
                'J4093A' => '2424M',
                'J4110A' => '8000M',
                'J4120A' => '1600M',
                'J4121A' => '4000M',
                'J4122A' => '2400M',
                'J4122B' => '2424M',

Returns hp




Tries to use os_version() and if that fails will try and cull the version from the description field.




Returns serial number if available through SNMP


Returns number of entries in $hp->e_name that have 'slot' in them.




Returns fan status


Power supply 1 status


Power supply 2 status

Globals imported from SNMP::Info::Layer2

See documentation in "GLOBALS" in SNMP::Info::Layer2 for details.

Globals imported from SNMP::Info::MAU

See documentation in "GLOBALS" in SNMP::Info::MAU for details.


These are methods that return tables of information in the form of a reference to a hash.



Uses $hp->i_description()


Returns reference to map of IIDs to current link duplex.


Returns reference to hash of IIDs to admin duplex setting.


Returns reference to hash of IIDs to HP specific port type (hpSwitchPortType).


Crosses i_name() with $hp->e_name() using $hp->e_port() and i_alias()


Returns a mapping between ifIndex and the PVID (default VLAN) or untagged port when using HP-VLAN.


Returns reference to hash of arrays: key = ifIndex, value = array of VLAN IDs. These are the VLANs which are members of the egress list for the port. It is the union of tagged, untagged, and auto ports.

  my $interfaces = $hp->interfaces();
  my $vlans      = $hp->i_vlan_membership();
  foreach my $iid (sort keys %$interfaces) {
    my $port = $interfaces->{$iid};
    my $vlan = join(',', sort(@{$vlans->{$iid}}));
    print "Port: $port VLAN: $vlan\n";

Returns VLAN IDs


Returns VLAN names


Returns reference to hash of bridge port table entries map back to interface identifier (iid)

Returns (ifIndex) for both key and value for 1600, 2424, 4000, and 8000 models since they seem to have problems with BRIDGE-MIB

Table Methods imported from SNMP::Info::Layer2

See documentation in "TABLE METHODS" in SNMP::Info::Layer2 for details.

Table Methods imported from SNMP::Info::MAU

See documentation in "TABLE METHODS" in SNMP::Info::MAU for details.


These are methods that provide SNMP set functionality for overridden methods or provide a simpler interface to complex set operations. See "SETTING DATA VIA SNMP" in SNMP::Info for general information on set operations.


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