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SNMP::Info::Layer3::Netscreen - SNMP Interface to Juniper Netscreen Devices


Kent Hamilton


    #Let SNMP::Info determine the correct subclass for you.

    my $netscreen = new SNMP::Info(
                          AutoSpecify => 1,
                          Debug       => 1,
                          DestHost    => 'myswitch',
                          Community   => 'public',
                          Version     => 2

    or die "Can't connect to DestHost.\n";

    my $class = $netscreen->class();
    print "SNMP::Info determined this device to fall under subclass : $class\n";


Provides abstraction to the configuration information obtainable from a Juniper Netscreen devices through SNMP.

For speed or debugging purposes you can call the subclass directly, but not after determining a more specific class using the method above.

my $netscreen = new SNMP::Info::Layer3::Netscreen(...);

Inherited Classes


Required MIBs

Inherited Classes' MIBs

See "Required MIBs" in SNMP::Info::Layer3 for its MIB requirements.

See "Required MIBs" in SNMP::Info::IEEE802dot11 for its MIB requirements.


These are methods that return scalar value from SNMP


Tries to reference $netscreen->id() to NETSCREEN-PRODUCTS-MIB


Returns 'juniper'


Returns 'screenos'


Extracts the OS version from the description string.


Returns serial number.



Returns 01001110. Device doesn't report layers properly, modified to reflect Layer 2 and 3 functionality.

Globals imported from SNMP::Info::Layer3

See "GLOBALS" in SNMP::Info::Layer3 for details.

Globals imported from SNMP::Info::IEEE802dot11

See "GLOBALS" in SNMP::Info::IEEE802dot11 for details.


These are methods that return tables of information in the form of a reference to a hash.


Interface Information


Creates a map between the interface identifier (iid) and the physical port name.

Defaults to insIfDescr if available, uses nsIfName if not.


Description of the interface. Uses insIfDescr if available, nsIfName if not.


Returns without defining any interfaces to ignore.


Default SNMP IID to Interface index.



The value of sysUpTime when this port last changed states (up,down), maps from ifIndex to nsIfIndex.



MAC address of the interface. Note this is just the MAC of the port, not anything connected to it. Uses nsIfMAC if available, ifPhysAddress if not.


INTEGER. Interface MTU value, maps from ifIndex to nsIfIndex.



Interface Name field.



Speed of the link, maps from ifIndex to nsIfIndex.


Interface type. Maps from ifIndex to nsIfIndex.



Link Status of the interface. Typical values are 'up' and 'down'.



Administrative status of the port. Checks both ifAdminStatus and nsIfStatus.

IP Address Table

Each entry in this table is an IP address in use on this device.


Maps the IP Table to the IID


Maps the Table to the IP address



Gives netmask setting for IP table entry.


Forwarding Table

Uses nsIpArpTable to emulate the forwarding table.


Maps the Forwarding Table to the IID


Returns reference to hash of forwarding table MAC Addresses.


Returns reference to hash of forwarding table entries port interface identifier (IID).


Returns reference to hash of bridge port table entries map back to interface identifier (IID).

Wireless Information


Returns reference to hash. SSID's recognized by the radio interface. Remaps from ifIndex to nsIfIndex.



Returns reference to hash. Current operating frequency channel of the radio interface. Remaps from ifIndex to nsIfIndex.

Table Methods imported from SNMP::Info::Layer3

See "TABLE METHODS" in SNMP::Info::Layer3 for details.

Table Methods imported from SNMP::Info::IEEE802dot11

See "TABLE METHODS" in SNMP::Info::IEEE802dot11 for details.