Olivier Thereaux
and 1 contributors


W3C::LogValidator::NewModule - New processing module Template for the Log Validator


Note: please change this description when using this module code and documentation as a template.

This module is a template for the creation of a new processing module for the W3C Log Validator



$proc = W3C::LogValidator::NewModule->new

Constructs a new W3C::LogValidator:NewModule processor.

You might pass it a configuration hash reference (see "config_module" in W3C::LogValidator and W3C::LogValidator::Config)

  $proc = W3C::LogValidator::NewModule->new(\%config);

Main processing method


Processes a list of sorted URIs (through whatever you want your module to be useful for)

The list can be set uris. If the $val was given a config has when constructed, and if the has has a "tmpfile" key, process_list will try to read this file as a hash of URIs and "hits" (popularity) with DB_File.

Returns a result hash. Keys for this hash are:

  name (string): the name of the module
  intro (string): introduction to the processing results
  thead (array): headers of the results table
  trows (array of arrays): rows of the results table
  outro (string): conclusion of the processing results

General methods


Returns a list of URIs to be processed (unless the configuration gives the location for the hash of URI/hits berkeley file, see process_list If an array is given as a parameter, also sets the list of URIs and returns it.

Note: please document other methods here.

See also W3c::LogValidator::HTMLValidator for a few other interesting methods you could copy.


Template created by olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org> for W3C

Module created by You <your@address>


W3C::LogValidator::LogProcessor, perl(1). Up-to-date complete info at http://www.w3.org/QA/Tools/LogValidator/