Text::JavE - view and manipulate ascii art and manipulation files created in JavE.


JavE ( is an excellent Ascii art editor and animator written in Java. Unfortunately it doesn't yet have a scripting interface. This module aims to make the work of processing its standard files (.jmov) easy within Perl.


  use Text::JavE;

  my $j = new Text::JavE;
  while (my $file=shift @ARGV) {
    for (@{$j->{frames}}) {
      system "cls"; # on Win32.  Try system "clear" on Unix.
      my $time = $_->{msec};
      select (undef, undef, undef, $time/1000);


Constructor. Returns a Text::JavE object which can play or otherwise manipulate jmov files.


Internal method to decode a jmov line containing a compressed ascii frame. There are 2 submethods decode_a and decode_b implementing the various encoding algorithms JavE currently uses.


Shows the current frame.


Opens a clipart file in JavE's .jcf format. (As far as I know this isn't officially documented, but a number of sample files are distributed with JavE).


Opens a file in jmov format. This format is described in detail at

A sample Chickenman animation is included in the distribution as t.jmov. More can be found at Other jmov files can be found at


Code is boneheaded and documentation is poor in v0.0.2. (In v.0.0.1 it consisted of "blah blah blah" so at least it's improving).


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