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Pod::Trial::LinkImg - Test image display in pod docs.


Version 0.005


Trial demonstration of image display in pod documentation.


This module actually does nothing.


    A picture is worth a thousand words.

or so says some sage. Way back in the dinasaur age of December 1977 Ken Thompson used graphics when he wrote a manuscript on the UNIX Implementation as found in Bell System Technical Journal, Jul/Aug 1978, Vol. 57, No. 6, Part 2. (Yes I have a copy and for the young folks, there was only one phone company back then.)

My calander has flipped to 2009 and yet I find no graphics displayed in any documentation as displayed at

This is 32 years!!!

I find this a major step backwards - and most especially as we continue to push the levels of complexity. If a module writer really wants to provide better documentation with graphics, then there should be some method for it to be displayed at

This do-nothing module is to test this out.


The following snippet would be nice. If you are formatting in html, then you get an image, and if in text, then a note that there was an image. In pod, I do not believe that there is an if{}else{} type clause, which would be nice, ie if(html){do this}else{do that}. Hence the text "block".

    =begin html
    <br/ >Idea Figure<br /><IMG SRC="LinkImg/BrightIdea.png" /><br />
    =end html
    =begin text
    =over 4
    Image of 'Bright Idea', see C<BrightIdea.png>.
    =end text

Below this line is the above code vvvvvv.

Idea Figure

Above this line is the above code ^^^^^^.

As you can see, neither shows up under

What will show? The following should provide a link which can be clicked to fetch the image.

So one could be reading the documentation and right click on a link and bring up an image say either in another tab or window.

Presently I have found out that embedding images has been prohibited due to people XSS (cross-site-scripting) and inappropriate image display.

Security is important, so prohibiting random html is good. However others have addressed this issue.

Inappropriate images, can this not be censored appropriately in some manner.

Presently the censorship is full - disallow all images. Can we not come up with something more appropriate than that?

Other issues need also to be addressed, such as correct links for the html that is generated by such groups like ActiveState's ppm mechanism.

First lets try to get good docs with images.


Otto Hirr, <otto.hirr at>


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Copyright 2008 Otto Hirr, all rights reserved.

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