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idl2java - IDL compiler to language Java mapping


idl2java [options] spec.idl


All options are forwarded to C preprocessor, except -h -i -v -x.

With the GNU C Compatible Compiler Processor, useful options are :

-D name
-D name=definition
-I directory

Specific options :


Display help.

-i directory

Specify a path for import (only for IDL version 3.0).

-p "m1=prefix1;..."

Specify a list of prefix (gives full qualified Java package names).


Generate the same serial uid as with C & Python.

-t "m1=new.name1;..."

Specify a list of name translation (gives full qualified Java package names).


Display version.


Enable export (only for IDL version 3.0).


idl2java parses the given input file (IDL) and generates files that following the IDL to Java Language Mapping Specification, v1.2.

idl2java is a Perl OO application what uses the visitor design pattern. The parser is generated by Parse::Yapp.

idl2java needs a cpp executable.

CORBA Specifications, including IDL (Interface Language Definition) and JAVA Language Mapping are available on <>.


cpp, idl2html, idl2c


(c) 2002-2007 Francois PERRAD, France. All rights reserved.

This program and all CORBA::JAVA modules are distributed under the terms of the Artistic Licence.


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