Devel::MAT::Tool::Find - list SVs matching given criteria


This Devel::MAT tool provides commands to search for SVs matching given criteria.


find pv

   pmat> find pv "boot"
   SCALAR(PV) at 0x556e4737d968: "boot_Devel::MAT::Dumper"
   SCALAR(PV) at 0x556e4733a160: "boot_Cwd"

Prints a list of all the scalar SVs that have a PV (string value) matching the supplied pattern. Normally, the pattern is interpreted as a substring match, but the --eq and --regexp options can alter this.

Takes the following named options:


Interpret the pattern as a full string equality match, instead of substring.

--regexp, -r

Interpret the pattern as a regular expression, instead of a literal substring.

--ignorecase, -i

Match case-insensitively, for any of substring, equality or regexp match.

find io

   pmat> find io 2
   IO()=IO::File at 0x55582b87f430: ifileno=2 ofileno=2

Searches for an IO handle that is associated with the given filenumber.


Paul Evans <>