IO::Async::Timer::Periodic - event callback at regular intervals


 use IO::Async::Timer::Periodic;

 use IO::Async::Loop;
 my $loop = IO::Async::Loop->new();

 my $timer = IO::Async::Timer::Periodic->new(
    interval => 60,

    on_tick => sub {
       print "You've had a minute\n";


 $loop->add( $timer );



This subclass of IO::Async::Timer implements repeating events at regular clock intervals. The timing is not subject to how long it takes the callback to execute, but runs at regular intervals beginning at the time the timer was started, then adding each interval thereafter.

For a Timer object that only runs a callback once, after a given delay, see instead IO::Async::Timer::Countdown.


The following events are invoked, either using subclass methods or CODE references in parameters:


Invoked on each interval of the timer.


The following named parameters may be passed to new or configure:

on_tick => CODE

CODE reference for the on_tick event.

interval => NUM

The interval in seconds between invocations of the callback or method. Cannot be changed if the timer is running.

Once constructed, the timer object will need to be added to the Loop before it will work. It will also need to be started by the start method.


Paul Evans <>