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Net::Async::CassandraCQL::Query - a Cassandra CQL prepared query


Prepared query objects are returned by the prepare of Net::Async::CassandraCQL to represent a prepared query in the server. They can be executed multiple times, if required, by passing the values of the placeholders to the execute method.

This is a subclass of Protocol::CassandraCQL::ColumnMeta.


$id = $query->id

Returns the query ID.

$cql = $query->cql

Returns the original query string used to prepare the query.

$query->execute( $data, $consistency ) ==> ( $type, $result )

Executes the query on the Cassandra connection object that created it, returning a future yielding the result the same way as the query or execute methods.

The contents of the $data reference will be encoded according to the types given in the underlying column metadata. $data may be given as a positional ARRAY reference, or a named HASH reference where the keys give column names.


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