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Tickit::Console - build full-screen console-style applications


$console = Tickit::Console->new( %args )

Returns a new instance of a Tickit::Console. Takes the following named arguments:

on_line => CODE

Callback to invoke when a line of text is entered in the entry widget.

 $on_line->( $console, $text )


$tab = $console->add_tab( %args )

Adds a new tab to the console, and returns an object representing it.

Takes the following named arguments:

name => STRING

Name for the tab.

on_line => CODE

Optional. Provides a different callback to invoke when a line of text is entered while this tab is active. Invoked the same way as above.

See "TAB OBJECTS" below for more information about the returned object.

$index = $console->active_tab_index

$tab = $console->active_tab

$console->activate_tab( $tab_or_index )



These methods are all passed through to the underlying Tickit::Widget::Tabbed object.


$name = $tab->name

$tab->set_name( $name )

Returns or sets the tab name text

$tab->add_line( $string, %opts )

Appends a line of text to the tab. $string may either be a plain perl string, or an instance of String::Tagged containing formatting tags, as specified by Tickit::Widget::Scroller. Options will be passed to the Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::Line used to contain the string.


Paul Evans <leonerd@leonerd.org.uk>