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Mpp::CommandParser::Esql - makepp command parser for various Esql preprocessors


Parses an Embedded SQL preprocessor or compile command for implicit dependencies.

This is partially identical to Gcc.pm, e.g. option -I, but for some extra args. Currently it does not handle options or file extensions indicating an embedding language other than C/C++.


Most preprocessors, except the exotic syntax of DB2 and Oracle, differ mostly in the file suffixes they handle. A few preprocessors agree that input files end with .ec and EXEC SQL INCLUDE file without a suffix gets .h appended. So these are the defaults. This class has 3 hash variables with which you can override that, each keyed by the command without directory and on Windows without .exe:


A regexp to recognize input file arguments.


If the preprocessor accepts file arguments without their suffix, this is the array of suffixes to try for finding the file. It should not start with a leading slash /.


This is the array of suffixes to try for finding the EXEC SQL INCLUDE file. It should start with a leading slash /, meaning to try these suffixes only for an argument that does not have a suffix.