FP::Untainted - functional untainting


    use FP::Untainted;
    exec untainted($ENV{CMD}); # doesn't change the taint flag on $ENV{CMD}

    use FP::Untainted qw(untainted_with);
    exec untainted_with($ENV{CMD}, qr/^\w+$/s); # dito
    # NOTE that the ^ and $ anchors are essential if you want to make
    # sure the whole string matches!

    # or, (but this doesn't force the /s flag)
    exec untainted_with($ENV{CMD}, '^\w+$');

    use FP::Untainted qw(is_untainted);
    # complement of Scalar::Util's 'tainted'


Taint::Util offers `untaint`, but it changes its argument. This module provides a pure function to do the same (it (currently) uses a regex match instead of XS to do so, though.)

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This is alpha software! Read the status section in the package README or on the website.