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Paul Johnson


Gedcom - a class to manipulate Gedcom genealogy files

Version 1.00 - 8th March 1999


  use Gedcom;
  my $ged = Gedcom->new(grammar_file => "gedcom-5.5.grammar",
                        gedcom_file  => $gedcom_file);
  return unless $ged->validate;


This module provides for manipulation of Gedcom files. Gedcom is a format for storing genealogical information designed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (http://www.lds.org). Information about Gedcom is available as a zip file at ftp://gedcom.org/pub/genealogy/gedcom/gedcom55.zip. Unfortunately, this is only usable if you can access a PC running Windows of some description. Part of the reason I wrote this module is because I don't do that.

The Gedcom format is specified in a grammar file (gedcom-5.5.grammar). Gedcom.pm parses the grammar which is then used to validate and allow manipulation of the Gedcom file. I have only used Gedcom.pm with version 5.5 of the Gedcom grammar, which I had to modify slightly to correct a few errors. The advantage of this approach is that Gedcom.pm should be useful if the Gedcom grammar is ever updated. It also made the software easier to write, and probably more dependable too. I suppose this is the virtue of laziness shining through.

The vice of laziness is also shining brightly - I need to document how to use this module in much greater detail. This will happen sometime, but if you would like information in the meantime, feel free to send me mail.

Note that this is the first release of this software - caveat emptor.

Should you find this software useful, or if you make changes to it, or if you would like me to make changes to it, please send me mail. I would like to have some sort of an idea of the use this software is getting. Apart from being of interest to me, this will guide my decisions when (if :-?) I have to make changes to the interface.

I couldn't find a nice free program I could use to enter my genealogy, and so I wrote a syntax file (ged.vim) and used vim (http://www.vim.org) to enter the data, and Gedcom.pm to validate and manipulate it. I find this to be a nice solution.