Net::DRI::Data::Contact - Handle contact data, modeled from EPP for Net::DRI


This base class encapsulates all data for a contact as defined in EPP (RFC3733). It can (and should) be subclassed for TLDs needing to store other data for a contact. All subclasses must have a validate() method that takes care of verifying contact data, and an id() method returning an opaque value, unique per contact (in a given registry).

The following accessors/mutators can be called in chain, as they all return the object itself.

  • loid() local object ID for this contact, never sent to registry (can be used to track the local db id of this object)

  • srid() server ID, ID of the object as known by the registry in which it was created

  • id() an alias (needed for Net::DRI::Data::ContactSet) of the previous method

  • roid() registry/remote object id (internal to a registry)

  • name() name of the contact

  • org() organization of the contact

  • street() street address of the contact (ref array of up to 3 elements)

  • city() city of the contact

  • sp() state/province of the contact

  • pc() postal code of the contact

  • cc() alpha2 country code of the contact (will be verified against list of valid country codes)

  • email() email address of the contact

  • voice() voice number of the contact (in the form +CC.NNNNNNNNxEEE)

  • fax() fax number of the contact (same form as above)

  • auth() authentification for this contact (hash ref with a key 'pw' and a value being the password)

  • disclose() privacy settings related to this contact (see RFC)


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