Dita::GB::Standard::Types - The Types of Corpus Available in the Gearhart-Brenan File Naming Standard.


The GB Standard is one way of naming files to enable global collaboration through uncoordinated content sharing.

The GB Standard creates a human readable, deterministic file name which depends solely on the content to be stored in that file. Such file names are guaranteed to differ between files that contain differing content while being frequently identical for files that contain identical content.

The GB Standard name for a file depends on the type of corpus it occurs in. The following sections describe the types of corpus currently available and the algorithm for computing the GBStandard name for each such corpus.


The Dita corpus contains topic and map files that conform to the Dita standard. The GBStandard names for these files can be computed via GB Standard for Dita.



Copyright (c) 2019 Philip R Brenan.

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