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Philip R Brenan

README: Math::Algebra::Symbols

Symbolic Algebra in Pure Perl

This package supplies a set of functions and operators to manipulate Perl expressions algebraically:

Example symbols.pl

 #!perl -w -I..
 # Symbolic algebra.
 # Perl License.
 # PhilipRBrenan@yahoo.com, 2004.
 use Math::Algebra::Symbols hyper=>1;
 use Test::Simple tests=>5;
 ($n, $x, $y) = symbols(qw(n x y));
 $a     += ($x**8 - 1)/($x-1);
 $b     +=  sin($x)**2 + cos($x)**2; 
 $c     += (sin($n*$x) + cos($n*$x))->d->d->d->d / (sin($n*$x)+cos($n*$x));
 $d      =  tanh($x+$y) == (tanh($x)+tanh($y))/(1+tanh($x)*tanh($y));
 ($e,$f) =  @{($x**2 eq 5*$x-6) > $x};
 print "$a\n$b\n$c\n$d\n$e,$f\n";
 ok("$a"    eq '$x+$x**2+$x**3+$x**4+$x**5+$x**6+$x**7+1');
 ok("$b"    eq '1'); 
 ok("$c"    eq '$n**4'); 
 ok("$d"    eq '1'); 
 ok("$e,$f" eq '2,3');

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


This is alpha code. It is written in pure Perl. It uses the standard Perl install mechanism.

Download from CPAN, untar and:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install

If you are on Windows, use nmake, available at:


Following the excellent work done by Steffen Müller (CPAN Author: SMUELLER), I believe that we should try to capture all known Mathematics symbolically in Perl. Indeed, can you say that you know any Mathematics at all if you cannot explain it in Pure Perl?

For bug reports or suggestions please send email to: philiprbrenan@yahoo.com


Help with this project would be appreciated:

Allow substitution and solution for simple expressions like miles/gallon.

Recognize sin, cos, sinh, cosh etc. in expressions involving exp.


Taylor series






Graphing using Tk.

normalizeSqrts(), see t/polynomial.t

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