Peter Tandler
and 1 contributors


PBib::Document::OpenOffice - Base Class for OpenOffice documents


        use PBib::Document;
        my $doc = new PBib::Document(
                'filename' => 'test.sxw',
                'mode' => 'r',
        print $doc->filename();
        my @paragraphs = $doc->paragraphs();


Base class for OpenOffice documents.

All OpenOffice documents have a similar structure: They are a zip archive that contains a content.xml file with the content.


File Handling Methods


Handle to Archive::Zip, used to (de)compress the OpenOffice file.


Close the file. Does nothing?


Write the document back to disk, if the document has been opened and it contains paragraphs().

Converting Methods

Methods used by PBib::ReferenceConverter::convert().


Pass the inDoc information to the outDoc. Not really nice ...

Formatting Methods

Methods used by PBib to create formatted text.