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Math::MatrixDecomposition - matrix decompositions and its applications


    use Math::MatrixDecomposition qw(lu eig);


The design goals of this package are listed in the following table.

  • Pure Perl code, that means no external dependencies except core modules and other pure Perl modules.

  • Native data types for operands, that means no dedicated classes for vectors and matrices.

The import list of the use statement is a wrapper for loading selected modules and procedures into your program. Capitalized tag names are interpreted as module names, that means the statement

    use Math::MatrixDecomposition qw(:LU :Eigen);

is equivalent to

    use Math::MatrixDecomposition::LU;
    use Math::MatrixDecomposition::Eigen;

Bare words are interpreted as subroutines, that means the statement

    use Math::MatrixDecomposition qw(lu eig);

is equivalent to

    use Math::MatrixDecomposition::LU qw(lu);
    use Math::MatrixDecomposition::Eigen qw(eig);


Math::MatrixDecomposition::LU, Math::MatrixDecomposition::Eigen


Ralph Schleicher <>