Fran├žois Rappaz
and 1 contributors


DataAccess::Broker DataAccess::[xxx]::Service

 - Paires of modules that encapsulate the xxxDataManager calls. The same form module is therefore used instead of a form module for each method of access.
-  [xxx] can be any of Sqla, Dbc, Dbi, Rdb depending on the model used to access the database.


See Version in Wx::Perl::DbLinker


In the script that start the example

   use DataAccess::Dbi::Service;
   my $dbh    = DBI->connect("dbi:SQLite:dbname=./data/ex1",
   my $data = DataAccess::Dbi::Service->new({dbh =>  $dbh });
    my $app = Forms::Langues->new(
        { xrcfolder => "./xrc", data_broker => $data } );

In the form module

    my $dman = $self->{data_broker}->get_DM_for('mainform');

    sub on_field_changed {
         my ( $self, $value ) = @_;
         $self->{data_broker}->query_DM( $self->{subform}->get_data_manager,'subform', [$value]);


Where mainform subform are keys that return the arguments for creating or querrying a DbiDataManager instance