Rocco Caputo


snauthors - print an authors.txt file from a Subversion dump to stdout


        snauthors --dump project.svndump > authors.txt


Collecting the authors for a project is one of the more tedious parts of converting to Git. This snauthors utility finds the unique authors in a Subversion dump and prints them to standard output.

The authors.txt file is not completely useful by itself. The authors' e-mail addresses are presented as the user name at the dump's UUID (universal unique ID).

However, the resulting authors.txt is complete. There will be no surprise failures during the lengthy conversion process. You won't have to restart from the beginning. And, of course, you can fix the e-mail addresses before continuing with the conversion.



The location of the Subversion dump. Required since nothing can be done without one.


App::SnerpVortex - Main documentation for Snerp Vortex.

SVN::Dump - Subversion dumps are parsed by SVN::Dump.

snanalyze - Analyze a Subversion dump, and produce an index database for other tools to process.

snassign-auto - Automatically assign tags and branches to a snanalyze index.

snassign-gui - Graphical snanalyze index browser. Future plans will allow users to assign branches and tags by hand. Requires Gtk.

snerp - Convert a Subversion repository to a flat filesystem or Git. Uses the snanalyze index, with help from the snassign tools, to intelligently branch and tag as it goes.


Snerp Vortex is Copyright 2010 by Rocco Caputo and contributors.

It is released under the same terms as Perl itself.