Installing the modules

Install like any other Perl module:

 % perl Build.PL
 % perl Build test
 % su
 # perl Build install

During the configuration step you will be asked to name a directory to install the system into. /usr/local/siesta is the default. We'll assume you chose that for the rest of this document.

Set up the group and database

The first thing you'll need to do is set up a group.

Assuming you use the default SQLite backend, or expect to create archives with the Archive plugin, you will need to arrange for the user that runs the mail process to have read and write access to /usr/local/siesta.

Make a new group called siesta and add the mail user (usually 'mail' or 'exim' but check your local convention), the webserver user (if you also wish to use the web interface).

  # nacho create-database
  # chgrp -R siesta /usr/local/siesta
  # chmod -R g+rwx /usr/local/siesta

Regular operation

Then read the Siesta::UserGuide file using

  % perldoc Siesta::UserGuide

for how to create new lists and members, add members to lists, configure plugins and generally administer the system.

------------------------------------- * Installing the web frontend -------------------------------------

You need to add a line like this to your Apache config in one of the virtual server sections

  ScriptAliasMatch /siesta/.*\.tt2 /usr/local/siesta/web-frontend/tt2.cgi

Then you need to copy the directory


to the document root of the virtual server you've set the ScriptAlias for and away you go.

It should be noted that the web frontend currently looks like ass. Most of the functionality is there but work needs to be done on making it not completely braindead usability wise.