Siesta::UserGuide - a guide to setting up your siesta system.


This document should take you through setting up lists and users, and generally administering your system.

Setting up the database

The first thing you need to do is create a database.

Fortunately this is easy. Running

    % nacho create-database

should do everything for you (providing the config in your siesta.conf is ok).

Migrating a list from Mailman

Use the bandito tool shipped with Siesta to steal the config - given the path to a mailman list config db it should automatically create a new sistes list, subscribe any necessary users, set up configs and generally 'just work'.

It will even migrate your archives across for you.

How handy :)

Creating a List

Run this command:

  % nacho create-list myfirstlist \

which will print out.

  Created the new list 'myfirstlist' <>
  Paste this into your alias file to activate the list

  ## myfirstlist mailing list
  ## created: 06-Sep-2002 nacho (the siesta config tool)
  myfirstlist:       "/usr/bin/tequila myfirstlist"
  myfirstlist-sub:   "/usr/bin/tequila myfirstlist sub"
  myfirstlist-unsub: "/usr/bin/tequila myfirstlist unsub"

This prints out the appropriate aliases to put in your /etc/alias (or equivalent) file. This can be printed out again at any time by doing :

  % nacho show-alias myfirstlist

  ## myfirstlist mailing list
  ## created: 06-Sep-2002 nacho (the siesta config tool)
  myfirstlist:       "/usr/bin/tequila myfirstlist"
  myfirstlist-sub:   "/usr/bin/tequila myfirstlist sub"
  myfirstlist-unsub: "/usr/bin/tequila myfirstlist unsub"

To find all the lists on the system

  % nacho show-lists

To look at the information for a list do

  % nacho describe-list myfirstlist
  owner = 1
  return_path =
  post_address =
  name = myfirstlist
  id = 2
  plugins : MembersOnly Archive SubjectTag ListHeaders Send ReplyTo

or to modify that information

  % nacho modify-list myfirstlist name somenewname
  Property 'name' set to 'somenewname' for list myfirstlist

TIP : if you modify the id then what will actually happen is that a new list will be created with that id but with information exactly the same details as the previous list.

Creating Members

You can either subscribe members manually by creating them and inserting them using nacho

  % nacho create-member
  Member added    

  % nacho add-member myfirstlist
  Member '' added to list 'myfirstlist'

Or, nacho will automatically create members if they don't exist.

  % nacho add-member myfirstlist

You can add multiple people at the same time. Que Convenient.

  % nacho add-member myfirstlist
  Member '' added to list 'myfirstlist'
  Member '' added to list 'myfirstlist'

Finally a person can subscribe by mailing 

address or by going through the web interface

Managing members

You can get a list of every members that's on the system.

  % nacho show-members

... or just the members subbed to a particular list.

  % nacho show-members myfirstlist

To find out all about a member, use the describe command

  % nacho describe-member

    email =
    lastbounce =
    bouncing =
    password = bar
    nomail =
    id = 36
    Subscribed to : myfirstlist, somerandomlist

To modify information that information :

  % nacho modify-member password foo
  Property 'password' set to 'foo' for member

Again,just changing the id will copy the member.

Managing Plugins

You can list all the plugins installed on the system.

  % nacho show-plugins
   save messages to maildirs
   A system plugin used for unsubscribing a member to the list

or see the ones set for a particular list

  % nacho show-plugins test
  Plugins for test:




Since plugins are 'just' normal Perl modules you can write your own or download plugins other people have written and install them like any other module. Siesta will autmatically detect them.

To set the plugin order explicity do

  % nacho set-plugins siesta-dev Debounce SimpleSig SubjectTag Send
  Set the plugins for siesta-dev to be :
  1) Debounce
  2) SimpleSig
  3) SubjectTag
  4) Send

or to delete all the plugins just do an empty list

  % nacho set-plugins siesta-dev
  Deleted plugins from siesta-dev

It should be noted that you probably always want to have the Send plugin (or a replacement plugin) as the last plugin.

To get more information about a plugin either do

  % perldoc Siesta::Plugin::ReplyTo

or ...

  % nacho describe-plugin ReplyTo
  The plugin ReplyTo has the following options :
  - munge : should we munge the reply-to address of the message to be the list post address

To find out what the current config for a list is, just add the list name.

  % nacho describe-plugin ReplyTo myfirstlist
  Preferences for list myfirstlist
  - munge : 0

And to find out a member's config options, add their email address.

  % nacho describe-plugin ReplyTo myfirstlist
  Personal preferences for member on list myfirstlist
  - munge : 1

To modify configuration for any of these

  % nacho modify-plugin myfirstlist ReplyTo munge 1
  Preferences for list myfirstlist

or if you want to change a member's preference ...

  % nacho modify-plugin myfirstlist ReplyTo munge 0
  Personal preferences for member on list myfirstlist

Removing Members

To remove a member from a list just do :

  % nacho remove-member myfirstlist
  Member '' removed from list 'myfirstlist'

Deleting Members

Deleting a member from the system will remove them from all the lists they're subscribed to and then deleted from the system.

  % nacho delete-member 
  Member '' deleted.

Handling deferred messages

Deferred messages are ones being held for approval or contain administrative tasks.

You can see how many deferred messages there are by doing :

    % nacho show-deferred

    Deferred-Id: 1
    Reason: the hell of it
    Owner: test@foo

     Subject: some subject lin
     Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 15:49:30 +0100  

or you can view an individual message by supplying the id

    % nacho show-deferred 1
    Subject: some subject line
    Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 15:49:30 +0100  

    Hello people


To resume a message simply do this :

    % nacho resume-deferred 1
    Sucessfully resumed message 1

alternatively to delete a deferred message :

    % nacho delete-deferred 1
    Message deleted from deferral queue

Deleting Lists

Similarly deleting a list will unsub all member from that list and then remove it from the system.

  % nacho delete-list myfirstlist
  List 'myfirstlist' deleted

Making backups

Running the command

    % nacho create-backup 

will print a shell script to STDOUT.

This shell script consists of nacho commands to restore your systems to its glorious past should anything go wrong.


Simply make a backup as described above, install the latest version from CPAN and then run the nacho generated script to restore your system.


This will run mariach for all lists and output the html into siesta base/mariachi-html/list name

  % nacho run-mariachi

but you're probably better off running mariachi on its own.


 % man mariachi

for options.


Copyright (C) 2002 - The Siesta Dev Team


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