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Net::Jabber - Jabber Perl Library


  Net::Jabber provides a Perl user with access to the Jabber
  Instant Messaging protocol.

  For more information about Jabber visit: 


  Net::Jabber is a convenient tool to use for any perl scripts
  that would like to utilize the Jabber Instant Messaging 
  protocol.  While not a client in and of itself, it provides 
  all of the necessary back-end functions to make a CGI client 
  or command-line perl client feasible and easy to use.  
  Net::Jabber is a wrapper around the rest of the official
  Net::Jabber::xxxxxx packages.  

  There is an example script, client.pl, that provides you with
  an example a very simple Jabber client that logs a user in and
  displays any messages they receive.  

  There is also an example transport script, transport.pl,
  that shows how to write a transport that gets a message,
  converts the entire message to uppercase, and send it back
  to the sender.


  Net::Jabber::Client - this package contains the code needed to
  communicate with a Jabber server: login, wait for messages,
  send messages, and logout.  It uses XML::Stream to read the 
  stream from the server and based on what kind of tag it 
  encounters it calls a function to handle the tag.

  Net::Jabber::Transport - this package contains the code needed
  to write a transport.  A transport is a program tha handles
  the communication between a jabber server and some outside
  program or communications pacakge (IRC, talk, email, etc...)
  With this module you can write a full transport in just
  a few lines of Perl.  It uses XML::Stream to communicate with 
  its host server and based on what kind of tag it encounters it 
  calls a function to handle the tag.

  Net::Jabber::Protocol - a collection of high-level functions
  that Client and transport use to make their lives easier.
  These functions are included through AUTOLOAD and delegates.

  Net::Jabber::JID - the Jabber IDs consist of three parts:
  user id, server, and resource.  This module gives you access
  to those components without having to parse the string

  Net::Jabber::Message - everything needed to create and read
  a <message/> received from the server.

  Net::Jabber::Presence - everything needed to create and read
  a <presence/> received from the server.

  Net::Jabber::IQ - IQ is a wrapper around a number of modules
  that provide support for the various Info/Query namespaces that 
  Jabber recognizes.

  Net::Jabber::Query - this module uses delegates and autoloading
  to provide access to all of the Query modules listed below.

  Net::Jabber::Query::Agent - provides access to the information
  about an agent that the server supports.

  Net::Jabber::Query::Agents - the list of agents, see agent above,
  that the server supports.

  Net::Jabber::Query::Auth - everything needed to authenticate a
  session to the server.

  Net::Jabber::Query::Fneg - feature negoation between the client
  and server.

  Net::Jabber::Query::Oob - support for out of bandwidth file

  Net::Jabber::Query::Register - everything needed to create a new
  Jabber account on the server.

  Net::Jabber::Query::Roster - everything needed to manage and query
  the server side Rosters.

  Net::Jabber::Query::Roster::Item - access to an item from the

  Net::Jabber::Query::Time - exchange time information with the
  target recipient (either server or client).

  Net::Jabber::Query::Version - exchange version information with 
  the target recipient (either server or client).

  Net::Jabber::X::Delay - specifies the delays that the message 
  went through before begin delivered.

  Net::Jabber::X::Oob - out of bandwidth file transers.

  Net::Jabber::X::Roster - support for embedded roster items.

  Net::Jabber::X::Roster::Item - access to the item in a roster.


By Ryan Eatmon in May of 2000 for http://perl.jabber.org/


This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.