Rubric::User - a Rubric user


 $Id:,v 1.20 2005/03/31 01:02:53 rjbs Exp $


This class provides an interface to Rubric users. It inherits from Rubric::DBI, which is a Class::DBI class.


 username - the user's login name
 password - the hex md5sum of the user's password
 email    - the user's email address
 created  - the user's date of registration

 verification_code - the code sent to the user for verification
                     NULL if verified



Every user has_many entries, which are Rubric::Entry objects. They can be retrieved with the entries accessor, as usual.


A user has as "his" tags all the tags that occur on his entries. There exist a number of accessors for his tag list.


This returns an arrayref of all the user's tags in their database colation order.


This returns an arrayref of arrayrefs, each containing a tag name and the number of entries tagged with that tag. The pairs are sorted in colation order by tag name.

This method returns a reference to an array of tags related to all the given tags. Tags are related if they occur together on entries.

This is the obvious conjunction of related_tags and tags_counted. It returns an arrayref of arrayrefs, each a pair of tag/occurance values.



The created column is stored as seconds since epoch, but inflated to Time::Piece objects.



This method creates or udpates an entry for the user. The passed entry should include the following data:

 uri         - the URI for the entry
 tags        - the tags for the entry, as a space delimited string
 title       - the title for the entry
 description - the description for the entry
 body        - the body for the entry

If an entry for the link exists, it is updated. Existing tags are replaced with the new tags. If no entry exists, the Rubric::Link is created if needed, and a new entry is then created.

The Rubric::Entry object is returned.


If the given code matches this user's verification_code, the user will be verified; that is, his verification_code will be undefined.



Ricardo SIGNES, <>


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