Rubric::WebApp::Login::Post - process web login from query parameters


version 0.01

 $Id:,v 1.2 2004/12/20 13:36:13 rjbs Exp $


This module checks the submitted query for information needed to confirm that a user is logged into the Rubric.



This checks for the username in a current login request. First it checks whether there is a current_user value in this session. If not, it looks for a user query parameter.

authenticate_login($webapp, $user)

This returns true if the username came from the session. Otherwise, it checks for a password query parameter and compares its md5sum against the user's stored password md5sum.

set_current_user($webapp, $user)

This method sets the current user in the session and then calls the superclass set_current_user.


Ricardo SIGNES, <>


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