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  # generate the module changes for the Perl you are currently building
  ./perl Porting/corelist-perldelta.pl
  # generate a diff between the corelist sections of two perldelta* files:
  perl Porting/corelist-perldelta.pl --mode=check 5.17.1 5.17.2 <perl5172delta.pod


corelist-perldelta.pl is a bit schizophrenic. The part to generate the new Perldelta text does not need Algorithm::Diff, but wants to be run with the freshly built Perl.

The part to check the diff wants to be run with a Perl that has an up-to-date Module::CoreList, but needs the outside Algorithm::Diff.

Ideally, the program will be split into two separate programs, one to generate the text and one to show the diff between the corelist sections of the last perldelta and the next perldelta.