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Framebuffer Slide Show

This automatically detects all of the framebuffer devices in your system, and shows the images in the images path, in a random order, on the primary framebuffer device (the first it finds).


 perl [options] "/path/to/scan"

More than one path can be used. Just separate each path by a space.



Turns on auto color level mode. Sometimes this yields great results... and sometimes it totally ugly's things up


Allows the module to print errors to STDERR


Scales all images (and animations) to full screen (proportionally). Images are always scaled down, if they are too big for the screen, regardless of this option.


Number of seconds to wait before loading the next image. It can take longer to load animated GIFs.

Default is 3 seconds.


Ignores any ".nomedia" files in subdirectories, and shows the images in them anyway.


Copyright 2010 - 2019 Richard Kelsch All Rights Reserved


GNU Public License Version 3.0

* See the "LICENSE" file in the distribution for this license.