info packages [options] [match]


    -e | --exact
    -p | --prefix
    -r | --regexp
    -f | --files
    -s | --subs

The default is --prefix

Give package names and optionally the file(s) that package is in for packages matching match. Options control how to interpret the the match pattern.


    info packages Tie::            # match all packages that start with Tie::
                                   # e.g. Tie::ExtraHash and Tie::Hash
    info packages -p Tie::         # same as above
    info packages -r ^Tie::        # same as above
    info packages -s Tie::         # same as above, but list the subs
                                   # of each package along with the package
    info packages -e Tie::Hash     # match exactly Tie::Hash
    info packages -e -f Tie::Hash  # same as above but show the file(s) where
                                   # the package is defined
    info packages -r ::Tie$        # match Tie only at the end,
                                   # e.g. ReadLine::Tie
    info packages                  # List all packages

See also:

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