Google::Adwords::Creative - A Google Adwords Creative object.


This documentation refers to Google::Adwords::Creative version 0.0.1


    use Google::Adwords::CreativeService;
    use Google::Adwords::Creative;

    # create the CreativeService object
    my $creative_service = Google::Adwords::CreativeService->new();

    # need to login to the Adwords service

    # if you have a MCC

    # get a specific creative from an AdGroup
    my $adgroupid = 1123
    my $creativeid      = 7819;

    my $creative = $creative_service->getCreative($adgroupid, $creativeid);
    print "Creative Info: \n" 
        . " ID: " . $creative->id . "\n"
        . " Dest URL: " . $creative->destinationUrl . "\n"
        . " Display URL: " . $creative->displayUrl . "\n"


This object should be used with the CreativeService API calls


Mutators (read/write)

* adGroupId - The ID of the AdGroup owning this Creative.

* description1 - The first line of description text in the Creative.

* description2 - The second line of description text in the Creative.

* destinationUrl - The destination URL associated with this Creative. May be overriden on a per-keyword basis by Keyword.destinationUrl. Must be in the full "http://" URL format. Example:

* displayUrl - The URL shown in a Creative. The full "http://" URL format is not required. Example:

* exemptionRequest - Optional field that specifies a reason for allowing submission of a Creative or Keyword that violates the ad policies described by Google's AdWords Editorial Guidelines. Maximum length of the exemptionRequest string is 300 characters.

* headline - The headline of a text Creative.

* image - A Google::Adwords::Image object.

Accessors (read only)

* id - The ID of this Creative.

* disapproved - Whether this Creative has been disapproved by Google. Disapproved Creatives will not be served. Creatives might be disapproved for a variety of reasons.

* deleted - Whether this Creative is deleted. Deleted Creatives are not served.



Rohan Almeida <>


Copyright (c) 2006 Rohan Almeida <>. All rights reserved.

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