Google::Adwords::StatsRecord - A Google Adwords StatsRecord Object


This documentation refers to Google::Adwords::StatsRecord version 0.0.1


This object is a read-only object used in returned calls from Google Adwords API.

More info is available here -


Accessors (read only)

* averagePosition - The average position of impressions that were shown for this record's entity

* clicks - The number of clicks collected by this record's entity.

* conversionRate - The ratio of conversions over convertible clicks for this record's entity.

* conversions - The number of clicks that were actually converted for this record's entity.

* cost - The total cost incurred (in micro-units of currency) by this record's entity.

* id - The Id of this record's entity

* impressions - The number of impressions shown on behalf of this record's entity


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Rohan Almeida <>


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