Google::Adwords::ApiError - Represents the details of a user error.


This documentation refers to Google::Adwords::ApiError version 0.1



Represents the details of a user error. Errors are accumulated during the processing of a call and then thrown as part of an ApiException.



* code - Integer that identifies this error.

* detail - The error message.

* isExemptable - True if user can request an exemption for this violation. For example, this field is true for a trademark violation on a keyword, which allows you to request an exemption.

* field - Name of the field in the API data object where the error occurred.

* index - Index into input array of the element that caused this error. For example, given an array of Criterion passed in to addCriteria, if the 5th element caused this error, index would be value 4.

* textIndex - The character index into the text string that caused the error. For example, if the problem is with the 5th character in the text of an ad, textIndex would be value 4.

* textLength - The number of characters in the string that caused the error.

* trigger - The text that is in violation of policy.


Rohan Almeida <>


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