FAQ for the Contacts Manager

A note about the calendars used in reports

A calendar only works when a day is selected. You can tell a day is selected by it having a blue background.

Both the From and To calendars default to today's date.

However, if you navigate to another month, you must explicitly select a day by clicking on it.

Lastly, for the Records report, the dates are always ignored.

What does Broadcast mean?

Broadcast is the difference between private and public contacts.

By setting Broadcast to Public, you permit other people's search results to show your contacts.

By setting it to Private, you stop other people's search results displaying your contacts.

So, by this means, you can keep some or all of your contact information private.

What does '(Hidden)' mean in the broadcast menu?

It means the entity has been deleted, but since entities are not really deleted (in case they need to be recovered), they are flagged as hidden, so the search code does not retrieve them.

What does the '-' character mean in a menu?

It depends on the menu:

Communication types: Any contact method, i.e. no restriction
Genders: Either unknown (for people), or not applicable (for organizations)
Occupation titles: The title is unknown
Organization names: The name is '-'. This is the special organization which must always be present
Roles: The role is unknown
Titles: The title is unknown