Net::EGTS::Util - Utility functions.

crc8 $bytes

CRC8 with EGTS customization

crc16 $bytes

CRC16 with EGTS customization

strftime $format, time

Return formatted string.

str2time $str

Return timestamp from any time format

time2new [$time]

Return time from 2010 instead of 1970

new2time [$time]

Return time from 1970 instead of 2010

dumper_bitstring $bin, [$size]

Return bitstring from $bin chanked by $size

usize $mask

Return size in bytes of pack/unpack mask

lat2mod $latitude

Module from latitude

mod2lat $module, $sign

Latitude from module and sign

lon2mod $longitude

Module from longitude

mod2lon $module, $sign

Longitude from module and sign.