rpc-client -- example XML RPC client


 rpc-client [--debug] [--encoding ENCODING] [--proxy PROXY] \


`rpc-client' exercises an XML RPC server. URL is the URL of the RPC server to contact, including a path if necessary, like `/RPC2'. METHOD is the procedure to call on the remote server.

`"ARGLIST"' is the argument list to be sent to the remote server. ARGLIST may include Perl array and hash constructors and should always be quoted.

The result returned from the XML RPC server is displayed using Perl's `' utility, showing the internal structure of the objects returned from the server.

The `--debug' option will cause the client to print the XML request sent to and XML response received from the server.

The `--encoding' option will supply an alternate encoding for the XML request. The default is none, which uses XML 1.0's default of UTF-8.

The `--proxy' option is a URL of an HTTP proxy to pass the request through.


 rpc-client examples.getStateName "41"

 rpc-client \
   examples.getStateList "[12, 28, 33, 39, 46]"

 rpc-client \
   examples.getStateStruct "{state1 => 18, state2 => 27, state3 => 48}"