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GV_NOADD_MASK GvSVn get_cvn_flags gv_fetchmethod_flags gv_fetchpvn gv_fetchpvn_flags gv_fetchsv gv_fetchsv gv_init_pv gv_init_pvn gv_init_sv isGV_with_GP

#if { VERSION >= 5.9.2 } && { VERSION <= 5.9.3 } /* 5.9.2 and 5.9.3 ignore the length param */ #undef gv_fetchpvn_flags #endif

__UNDEFINED__ GV_NOADD_MASK 0xE0 __UNDEFINED__ gv_fetchpvn_flags(name, len, flags, sv_type) gv_fetchpv(SvPVX(sv_2mortal(newSVpvn((name), (len)))), ((flags) & GV_NOADD_MASK) ? FALSE : TRUE, (I32)(sv_type))

__UNDEFINED__ GvSVn(gv) GvSV(gv) __UNDEFINED__ isGV_with_GP(gv) isGV(gv) __UNDEFINED__ gv_fetchpvn_flags(name, len, flags, svt) gv_fetchpv(name, flags, svt) __UNDEFINED__ gv_fetchpvn(name, len, flags, svt) gv_fetchpvn_flags(name, len, flags, svt) __UNDEFINED__ gv_fetchsv(name, flags, svt) gv_fetchpvn_flags(SvPV_nolen_const(name), SvCUR(name), flags, svt)

__UNDEFINED__ gv_fetchmethod_flags(stash,name,flags) gv_fetchmethod_pv_flags(stash, name, flags)

#if !defined(gv_init_pvn) #if { NEED gv_init_pvn } SV * gv_init_pvn(GV *gv, HV *stash, const char *name, STRLEN len, U32 flags) { gv_init(gv, stash, name, len, flags); } #endif #endif

#if !defined(gv_init_pv) #if { NEED gv_init_pv } SV * gv_init_pv(GV *gv, HV *stash, char *name, U32 flags) { if (SvUTF8(namesv)) flags |= SVf_UTF8; gv_init_pvn(gv, stash, name, strlen(name), flags); } #endif #endif

#if !defined(gv_init_sv) #if { NEED gv_init_sv } SV * gv_init_sv(GV *gv, HV *stash, SV* namesv, U32 flags) { char *namepv; STRLEN namelen; namepv = SvPV(namesv, namelen); if (SvUTF8(namesv)) flags |= SVf_UTF8; gv_init_pvn(gv, stash, namepv, namelen, flags); } #endif #endif

__UNDEFINED__ get_cvn_flags(name, namelen, flags) get_cv(name, flags) __UNDEFINED__ gv_init_pvn(gv, stash, ptr, len, flags) gv_init(gv, stash, ptr, len, flags & GV_ADDMULTI ? TRUE : FALSE)

int GvSVn() PREINIT: GV* gv; CODE: RETVAL = 0; gv = gv_fetchpvs("Devel::PPPort::GvTest", GV_ADDMULTI, SVt_PVGV); if (GvSVn(gv) != NULL) { RETVAL++; } OUTPUT: RETVAL

int isGV_with_GP() PREINIT: GV* gv; CODE: RETVAL = 0; gv = gv_fetchpvs("Devel::PPPort::GvTest", GV_ADDMULTI, SVt_PVGV); if (isGV_with_GP(gv)) { RETVAL++; } if (!isGV(&PL_sv_undef)) { RETVAL++; } OUTPUT: RETVAL

int get_cvn_flags() PREINIT: CV* xv; CODE: RETVAL = 0; xv = get_cvn_flags("Devel::PPPort::foobar", sizeof("Devel::PPPort::foobar")-1, 0); if(xv == NULL) RETVAL++; xv = get_cvn_flags("Devel::PPPort::foobar", sizeof("Devel::PPPort::foobar")-1, GV_ADDMULTI); if(xv && SvTYPE(xv) == SVt_PVCV) RETVAL++; xv = get_cvn_flags("Devel::PPPort::get_cvn_flags", sizeof("Devel::PPPort::get_cvn_flags")-1, 0); if(xv && SvTYPE(xv) == SVt_PVCV) RETVAL++; OUTPUT: RETVAL

SV* gv_fetchpvn_flags() CODE: RETVAL = newRV_inc((SV*)gv_fetchpvn_flags("Devel::PPPort::VERSIONFAKE", sizeof("Devel::PPPort::VERSIONFAKE")-5, 0, SVt_PV)); OUTPUT: RETVAL

SV* gv_fetchsv(name) SV *name CODE: RETVAL = newRV_inc((SV*)gv_fetchsv(name, 0, SVt_PV)); OUTPUT: RETVAL

void gv_init_type(namesv, multi, flags) SV* namesv int multi I32 flags PREINIT: HV *defstash = gv_stashpv("main", 0); STRLEN len; const char * const name = SvPV_const(namesv, len); GV *gv = *(GV**)hv_fetch(defstash, name, len, TRUE); PPCODE: if (SvTYPE(gv) == SVt_PVGV) Perl_croak(aTHX_ "GV is already a PVGV"); if (multi) flags |= GV_ADDMULTI; gv_init_pvn(gv, defstash, name, len, flags); XPUSHs( gv ? (SV*)gv : &PL_sv_undef);

ok(Devel::PPPort::GvSVn(), 1);

ok(Devel::PPPort::isGV_with_GP(), 2);

ok(Devel::PPPort::get_cvn_flags(), 3);

ok(Devel::PPPort::gv_fetchpvn_flags(), \*Devel::PPPort::VERSION);

ok(Devel::PPPort::gv_fetchsv("Devel::PPPort::VERSION"), \*Devel::PPPort::VERSION);

ok(Devel::PPPort::gv_init_type("sanity_check", 0, 0), "*main::sanity_check"); ok($::{sanity_check});

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