Mojolicious::Plugin::ReplyTime - Reply with a simple response of just the current time


  # Mojolicious

  # Mojolicious::Lite
  plugin 'ReplyTime';

  # Demo
  $ perl -Mojo -E 'plugin "ReplyTime"; app->start' routes
  /replytime  GET  replytime
  $ perl -Mojo -E 'plugin "ReplyTime"; app->start' get /replytime
  Sat Nov 30 17:45:57 2019


Mojolicious::Plugin::ReplyTime is a Mojolicious plugin that adds a reply helper named "time" to the Mojolicious controller object. It will respond to a JSON request with '{"time":"[scalar localtime]"}' and any other request with a plain text response of just the localtime as a scalar.

Also included is a get route called /replytime that will call the reply->time helper.

Also included is a replytime command line utility which will launch a simple Mojolicious daemon that will respond to any request with the local time. The purpose for this is simply testing: rather than a static response in which you are unsure if the response is cached or not, reply time also responds with something fresh.


Mojolicious::Plugin::ReplyTime inherits all methods from Mojolicious::Plugin and implements the following new ones.



Register plugin in Mojolicious application.


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