Net::BitTorrent::Util - Utility functions


bencode ( ARGS )

Expects a single value (basic scalar, array reference, or hash reference) and returns a single string.

Bencoding is the BitTorrent protocol's basic serialization and data organization format. The specification supports integers, lists (arrays), dictionaries (hashes), and byte strings.

See Also: Convert::Bencode, Bencode, Convert::Bencode_XS

bdecode ( STRING )

Expects a bencoded string. The return value depends on the type of data contained in the string.

See Also: Convert::Bencode, Bencode, Convert::Bencode_XS

compact ( LIST )

Compacts a list of IPv4:port strings into a single string.

A compact peer is 6 bytes; the first four bytes are the host (in network byte order), the last two bytes are the port (again in network byte order).

uncompact ( STRING )

Inflates a compacted string of peers and returns a list of IPv4:port strings.



FATAL errors usually mean something really wrong has taken place. You should restart the application to restore normal operation.


ERROR is used for logging general errors that prevent the Net::BitTorrent from functioning as expected.


WARN is used for logging any unusual situation that is, for the moment, not preventing normal operation.


INFO level messages include any interesting piece of information that helps to give context to a log, often when things are starting or stopping.


DEBUG level includes anything that you’d like to be in the logs when trying to understand why the application didn’t work as expected.


Indicates a level of logging that shows the control flow of the program. Among the things that you’d like to log with a TRACE level are: entry and exit of a method, loop, if statement or other control flow statements.


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